cute lil’ mixtape album cover I made based on my tumblr icon. check out my sweet list of trash pop songs (and some good ones)!!!

uuhhhh here’s a painting I did!! sorry I haven’t posted in a while schoolwork got me bogged down like hella \ o /

gonna help all the Ringling freshmen move in tomorrow 8) shout out to all of my new homies

a few twitter doodz b/c obviously all of my best work is produced on twitter

feat. jennerallysleepy 

a couple wips of the new kids that I gotta get to colorin’

I know Sousuke is supposed to be a whale shark but guess what I don’t care

jennerallysleepy told me to make a poorly-drawn rei and I somehow turned it into an improvised comic

goodbye world

the character development in this show is pretty great

Life Update

To all of my (relatively) new followers: Sorry about being so inactive lately! I got a job this summer (working at the zoo yaaaay) and in-between that and taking care of some other obligations (wisdom teeth, driver’s license, etc) I’ve been pretty busy and not in much of a drawing mood. The things that I have drawn haven’t been up to par and I have a lot of WIPs sitting around waiting to be finished.

In conclusion, thank you for your patience in sticking around on my dinky little blog, and I hope you’re having a great summer! :’) I will start posting stuff again as soon as I can.

your art style is top <3


That’s so nice of you to say, thank you! :’D

a couple doodles of cute husbandos \ o / sorry I haven’t been drawing as much lately ya’ll I got a real world job and let me tell you that shit is TIRING